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AVR15C Talking Reverse Alarm - Custom Message

£88.00 INC VAT

Product Code: AVR15CP

* Custom Message :


A standard 24Vdc reversing alarm that wires directly into the reverse feed of a van or commercial vehicle and projects an audible 'spoken' warning to warn pedestrians of a potential hazzard when the vehicle is reversing.

The talking alarm can be pre-programmed with a verbal message of your choice, for example `Warning, tanker hose extended' or 'Warning, moving trailer deck' - the message is repeated on a continual loop whenever the alarm is activated.

The AVR15CP can be tailored to suit other very specific applications and can highlight dangers such as handbrakes not being applied, vehicle ancillary equipment in operation, moving decks on trailers or arms raised on skip loading vehicles. Talking alarms can even advertise corporate names.

Fully weatherproof and robust - can be easily fitted to any commercial vehicle.

Supplied with all necessary fittings and installation manual.


* Single Bolt Fixing

* CE marked EMC

* Pressure washable

* Waterproof

* M.I.R.A. tested for on and off highway

* 85dB Speech / 92dB Bleeping 

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times may vary between approx. 1-3 weeks.

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