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Safewheel Twin Wheel Nut Retainer

£8.40 INC VAT

Product Code: SWTWNR

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The Safewheel Twin® fits onto two adjacent wheel nuts. They are durable and reusable nut retainers that also protect nuts from damage.

Primary Functions: Provide a retaining function helping to reduce the likelihood of wheel nut movement.

Primary Benefits: A retaining cover for two adjacent wheel nuts that have the benefit of being visually attractive and pedestrian/cyclist friendly. Helps to prevent loss and damage of nuts, providing improved safety and reduced maintenance costs. Simple to fit and remove and a cost effective solution.

Sizes: Initially 32mm/10 Stud/335 PCD and 33mm/10 Stud/335 PCD.

Material: High grade virgin polymer.

Operating Temperature Range: -40°c- +120°c.

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