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CB-PARK CANBus Interface

£118.39 INC VAT

Product Code: CB-PARK


The Hunter CB-Park provides a solution to the problem of de-activating/activating front parking sensors when a vehicle is being driven above/below a set speed (6MPH approx) on CANBus vehicles and is compatible with 40 vehicle manufactures covering 200+ different models.

The Hunter CB-PARK is designed to aid fitting of after-market parking systems by providing commonly required signals. These include: Speed pulse, Reverse, Speed sensitive output & Ignition. 

The CANBus system developed by Bosch is now commonplace in most new vehicles covering everything from compact city cars up to commercial vehicles. CANBus is a very efficient multiplexing system which uses a twisted pair of wires to carry tens or even hundreds of separate signals between the various electronic control units within the vehicle. 

The downside to CANBus is that some of the common signals used by aftermarket systems such as vehicle speed or reversing signal are no longer available for fitters to tap into. 

The CB-PARK also features built-in diagnostic LEDs to indicate CANBus status and speed pulse output to aid the installation process.

CLICK HERE to view vehicle CANBus application list

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