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Checklock SQ Stainless Steel Wheel Nut Retainer

£4.68 INC VAT

Product Code: CSQWNR

* Checklock SQ Sizes:

* Item Terms:


This product has a minimum quantity of 10

**Please Note: This item can only be sold in multiples of 10.

The Checklock SQ® is manufactured in the UK with premium stainless steel and distributed globally. Simple yet so innovative, the way in which the Checklock SQ® works, is by simply squeezing the two handles together with the forefinger and thumb to loosen the two coils enough for two adjacent nuts to pass through. When you release the two handles, the Checklock SQ® will create tension, the coils will tighten, grip and retain the wheel nuts to reduce the likelihood of wheel nuts loosening or even backing up from the wheel hub completely. Absolute minimal maintenance time and costs, this product requires no fitting tool and is durable and reusable.

The Checklock SQ® is a newer, better developed wheel nut retainer that supersedes the Checklock®. The Checklock SQ® is experiencing high levels of growth and has developed to become one of the core products at Checkpoint Safety with global demand increasing weekly. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Checklock SQ® aims to cover a broad scope of applications throughout the commercial vehicle sector.

The primary functions of Checklock SQ® are to:

Retain wheel nuts to lower the likelihood of them loosening

Greatly reduce the likelihood of wheel nuts backing away completely from the wheel hub

Provide a clear commitment to roadworthiness and professionalism to other road users, customers, health and safety, road and transportation associations such as DfT, HMRC Customs and Excise, VOSA, HSE, FTA and RHA

Can comfortably incorporate a wheel overheating indicator function

The primary benefits of fitting Checklock SQ® are:

✓ Improved safety of fittings where nuts are a critical structural component, such as on vehicle wheels and industrial/commercial structures

✓ Much improved vehicle safety through avoiding potentially severe road accidents resulting from loose wheel nuts or wheel detachment

✓ Simple to fit, with no additional tools required, to help the reduction in maintenance time and costs

✓ Reduction in vehicle downtime

✓ Improved professionalism, roadworthiness and safety related company image or reputation

✓ Cost effective solution to implement

✓ High quality premium stainless steel reuseable product

Additional information

The Checklock SQ® design is intended for vehicles with wheels that don’t have trims/step rings. The Dustite LR® wheel nut indicator, however, can be used in circumstances where step rings/trims are fitted on the wheels of the vehicle. Once the wheel nuts on the vehicles’ wheels have been tightened to the manufacturers recommendations, the Checklock SQ® can be fitted. It is NOT recommended that the Checklock SQ® is used as a direct replacement for a safe, sound vehicle wheel maintenance schedule. These should be fitted in accordance with the product guidelines and used in combination with a robust system of wheel checks.

Checklock SQ® are sized by the corresponding measurement (in millimetres) across the flats of the hexagonal nut fitting, along with a measurement (also in millimetres) of pitch circle diameter (PCD). Current sizes available* include (in mm):

·      17mm, 139.7 PCD  (4-Stud wheel)

·      19mm, 139.7 PCD  (4-Stud wheel)

·      19mm, 165.1 PCD  (5-Stud wheel)

·      24mm, 205 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)

·      24mm, 245 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)

·      27mm, 165.1 PCD  (5-Stud wheel)

·      27mm, 205 PCD  (6-Stud wheel)

·      27mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)

·      30mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)

·      30mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

·      32mm, 225 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

·      32mm, 275 PCD  (8-Stud wheel)

·      32mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

·      33mm, 285 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

·      33mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

·      38mm, 335 PCD  (10-Stud wheel)

New sizes of Checklock can be developed in a matter of a few weeks, so if your desired size is not included in the list please contact us with an enquiry. If you have any doubts please get as much information as possible and then contact us for assistance in establishing the correct Checklock SQ® for your application.

* Availability depends on current stock levels, dictated by demand.

The Checklock SQ® comes in a standard uncoated stainless steel grey. 

The Checklock SQ® is manufactured with a premium, high grade stainless steel that will not rust, corrode or stain with water/moisture, as ordinary steel does. This product can be refitted and reused, with a very long life to ensure amazing value for the end user. 


 < Click Here to Download Checklock SQ Information Sheet 

 < Click Here to Download Checklock SQ Instructions 

 < Click Here to Download Checkpoint Brochure 

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