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Dustite Wheel Nut Indicator and Dust Cap

£1.08 INC VAT

Product Code: DWNIDC

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This product has a minimum quantity of 50

**Please Note: This item can only be sold in multiples of 50. 


The Dustite® is the perfect combination of a loose wheel nut indicator and a standard dust cap for use on wheels without rims. Similar to the Checkpoint® Original, the Dustites® indicate if a wheel nut comes loose and also includes the overheating function. The Dustites® do however have more to offer, protecting the nut from corrosion, weathering and general road damage. 

The Dustite® wheel nut indicator and dust cap is one of the core Checkpoint Safety products and are therefore in very high demand globally. Including various specifications for all of Western Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Asia and Sub Saharan Africa with increasing popularity in Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. Available in a range of colours and sizes, the Dustite® aims to cover a wide scope of applications throughout agricultural, industrial, commercial vehicle and military sectors, amongst many others.

The primary functions of Dustites® are to:

·      Provide a clear visual indication of nut movement, particularly useful and applicable for commercial vehicle wheels

·      Provide an indication of wheel overheating which is otherwise difficult to detect, usually as a result of brakes sticking or problems with the bearings, through the use of specific product material melting points (Standard and High Temperature options available)

·      Provide a clear visual commitment to roadworthiness and professionalism to other road users, customers, health and safety, road and transportation associations such as DFT, HMRC Customs and Excise, VOSA, HSE, FTA and RHA

·      Prolong the service life of studs & nuts, through protection from corrosion, weathering and damage.

The primary benefits of fitting Dustites® are:

✓ Improved safety of fittings where nuts are a critical structural component, such as on vehicle wheels and industrial/commercial structures

✓ Facilitates the ease of walk around and visual checks or audits to locate problems with fixtures or fittings where nuts are used as a critical component

✓ Reduction in maintenance costs resulting from accurate locating of nut loosening or wheel overheating

✓ Reduction in vehicle downtime

✓ Improved safety and protection of nuts and bolts from corrosion and damage

✓ Improved professionalism, roadworthiness and safety related company image or reputation

✓ Cost effective, quick and easy solution to implement

Additional information

Designed to be fitted on wheels without step rings/trims since the pointer which is located at the base of the product would not allow the Dustite® to fit through the access hole on a step ring/trim. The Dustite LR® indicators are however available where a trim/step ring is fitted to the wheel. Just like the Checkpoint® Originals, the Dustites® are fitted in a recognizable pattern, once the nuts on the wheel have been tightened to the manufacturers recommendations. Once fitted, these must be monitored closely when doing the walk around routine checks. If any of the indicators have moved from the initial recognizable pattern, appropriate action may be taken.

The Dustites® are available in Standard and High Temperature (HT), both of which are manufactured with the highest quality of virgin polymers. Thus making them resistant to water/moisture, oil, road salt, detergents and most other common contaminants/solvents.

The integrated design of the Dustite® fully encloses wheel nuts manufactured to ISO, DIN, or the BS standards that cover Spigot, Captive Washer, Conical, or Spherical seating wheel nuts.

Dustite® is sized by the corresponding measurement (in millimetres) across the flats of the hexagonal nut fitting. Current sizes available* include (in mm):

24, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 38, 41

*Available stock levels vary for each size and colour in accordance with demand for each size. For further information or questions please contact us.

The standard colours for Dustites® are Fluoro Yellow and Red, however other colours are stocked in our large warehouse and as such, subject to stock levels and/or minimum order quantity, the following are also available*:

Silver Grey, Black, Drab Olive Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, White and Solid Yellow.



*Other colours can be made available subject to a high minimum order quantity.

Made from the same material as the Checkpoint® Original, the Dustite® is available in a Standard material with a melting point of 125˚C. Also available in High Temperature (HT) with a melting point of 165˚C, subject to minimum quantity orders. 


 < Click Here for the Dustite Information Sheet 

 < Click Here for the Checkpoint Brochure 

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